Everyone is unique in their own perfect way and my goal is to capture that. I strive to turn everyday life into art. Portraits should be filled with character and personality not a stiff body and a forced smile.

Woman are beautiful. It doesn’t matter what shape, size, age, hair length, chest size, etc. Every woman has something special that should be shown off and be proud of.  A boudoir session is very empowering and it creates beautiful art work that you will cherish (even more when you are 80 years old).

There are moments that we want to hold onto forever and time does not let us…however photography gives us that chance. Newborns grow up and change so quickly.  These are the moments that swell in our hearts and put a huge grin on our face.

I offer a full range of products including mounted art prints, gallery-wrapped canvases, luxury albums, press printed cards, and more. There is no minimum order. Clients typically invest $500+ on prints and products.

Why Choose Jodi Catherine Photography?

My background is in Elementary Special Education. I have worked with many types of children and personalities. I am extremely patient and know how to connect with children.

You are investing in photography so it is my job that you absolutely LOVE your images. I guarantee all my work. I know that children have “off” days. If we feel that the session is not going as well as planned, we will stop and reschedule. This has not happened often but when it does, mom usually calls the next day and tells me he/she had an ear infection or was coming down with a cold.

This is not your typical cookie cutter photography studio. You hire me because you want something different. You want a custom experience. This means we go to your favorite park. We play with your children’s favorite toys. I like to think of this time more as a play date than a portrait session. We will climb trees, play with bubbles, or even look for bugs. I usually make a fool of myself and it creates many laughs.