Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing to it

Meet my sister-in-law, Raychel. She is a Sophomore in high school and is incredibly great at EVERYTHING she does. She is smart, athletic, beautiful and kind-hearted. She is crazy busy with sports, church and other afterschool activities that I don’t know how she has time to brush her hair… or learn how to drive. She just got her driver’s permit! Ahh! I remember when Nathan and I used to give her coloring books for her birthday and now it’s time to give her a cool steering wheel cover.

Anywho, Raychel is a natural in front of the camera. She definitely brings her A game. I think she watches a lot of America’s Next Top Model. She strikes a new pose every 5 seconds without me saying a word. She makes me look good  🙂 Love ya, Raych!