Ordering Prints & Cropping

I decided to write this post to explain the world of cropping. I am not going to get too technical and mathematical on you.  However, if that is your thing and want more info, check out the aspect-ratio reasoning. To keep it simple, digital cameras take rectangular pictures. This rectangular picture is the same ratio as a 4×6, 12×18, and 16×24. It is a perfect match! Now what happens when you want a 5×7, 8×10 or an 11×14? Cropping is the answer! We are trying to squeeze a rectangular picture into more of a square shape/ratio. This is similar to making cookies on Christmas Eve and taking your cookie cutter to the dough. Check out this diagram.

Now how can I make this process easier for you? Well I have just the thing! When you are viewing your proofs online, you can select what size picture you want and it will show you if the picture will be cropped or not. Below, I selected a 4×6 and it didn’t crop the picture. Great!

Now, when I select an 8×10, it dims the top and bottom of the picture, showing you what will be cropped.  This is showing that I will be cropping off part of Raychel’s head and a little bit of her shirt towards the bottom.

What if you want to crop the picture at a different place? All you have to do is click on “Crop Image” and move the crop box wherever you want. If you do not crop your images, I will crop the image the best way I think fit. Not a big deal.

When ordering your prints, please keep in mind this post. Some images look great  cropped at an 8×10. While others are being cropped too much and it ruins the picture. We don’t want that. Also note, that I work with a professional printing company that has tons of sizes. If you want a size that you do not see, let me know and I will be happy to give you more info.  To crop or not to crop…that is the question. Yes, I just said that 🙂