Valentine’s Day

Being that Nathan is housebound, I decided to cook a nice dinner in our cozy (tiny) kitchen. Steak rolled in cheese and spinach with homemade sweet potato fries and corn was on the menu. Nate’s Fav.

Topped it off with MY FAV… strawberries and bananas with Nutella. Yum!

I have always told Nate not to get me flowers on V-day because quite frankly, they are so expensive and then they die 3 days later. Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love the random “Just because flowers.”  Yes, they die a few days later but they were a lot cheaper and I wasn’t excepting them. Haha. Anywho, I told Nathan not to worry about getting me anything because I know he wasn’t able to go out and get something. Plus, it is not necessary. I know he loves me 🙂  Well, later in the evening, flowers were delivered to our door. They were from my patient and husband, Nathan. I wasn’t excepting that at all so it was very sweet. On the other hand, Nathan was a tad upset because they came at 9pm and they were not the flowers he ordered but they were still lovely and very thoughtful. Love you, Nate!We had a very nice, quiet and yummy V-day. How was yours?