Tex-Mex, Southern Accents, and Belt Buckles Here We Come!

Nathan and are are making the move back down to Dallas in the beginning of September. This is a very bitter sweet moment. We are excited to see our Dallas friends & family but know that we will be leaving our NY friends and family behind.

With most of my clients, I photograph them once or multiple times a year. I get to see children and families grow up and best of all, I get to document that. I was recently sitting down with someone and she had a vision that she wanted me to take pictures of her girls once a year and have an album made every year. She would then have this amazing bookshelf of her girls growing up. I then had to break the bad news that I was moving. Needless to say, both of our hearts sank because she wanted her amazing vision to come to life and I wanted to create it for her. HOWEVER, what I told her and what I am telling all of you…..I will be back! I still have family in New York and will be back to visit. On my NY visits, I would love to see you! I think what most people don’t realize is that I am not just someone people hire to take pictures and leave. Connections and bonds are created. I was there to share an experience and a special moment in time with your family. That is powerful stuff!

I will miss you NewYork! Texas, here we come!