One of My Most Prized Possessions

I made a resolution a couple of years back that I would take my personal images off my computer. When friends or family would come over, I would pull up a chair next to my computer.  Of course, I would print and frame a few but at the rate I take pictures, I could wallpaper my entire house with photographs in 3 months. I decided that I would make an annual album that starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st every year. I am able to display all my personal photographs in one place and it be extremely organized. It is A LOT of work but in the end, I am in LOVE. I am making history books of my life. How cool is that?!  I just finished up my 2012 album. Check it out!

Also, just found this really cool video app, SocialCam. You can change the filters, add music and upload the video to social media sites.  🙂