My Mamma!

– Born and raised on Long Island, NY
– Has been on a bowling league for the last 40 years. Her high game is 275.
– She is addicted to enjoys playing BINGO
– Plays Yahoo! Scrabble almost every night
– Has 3 ADORABLE children
– She likes bike riding and being outside
– Loves to get a bargain
– Can still fit into her wedding dress
– Thinks Nathan (my husband) has GREAT hair
– Loves Alicia Keys
– Thinks she is Wonder Woman and will attempt to carry anything by herself

More importantly than those fun random facts, my mom is my best friend. She is my role model in life and is the strongest person I know. I look back on what life has thrown at her and how she has powered through it. She takes care of her family, works hard, and always puts herself last. Even though I know I can be a pain, I hope she knows how special she is to me. I also hope that I can have at least a few ounces of her strength, dedication and kind heart in life.

On a lighter note, Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. My mom is probably the easiest person to buy for. She always wants flowers that she can plant in the front yard. Since I have not been in NY for the last few years, I usually send her a gift. However, my brother and sister bring her to the local greenhouse to pick out her flowers. She will then go home and break out her gardening tools.

Do you know what you are giving your mom/wife for Mother’s Day? If not, give her photography!  Give her a portrait of her and her kids that she will cherish for years to come. Even though I am not a mother, I know mothers LOVE family pictures. Look at your or your mother’s house and I am sure you will see family picture. How old is that picture? Is it time to update that picture? Perhaps this is a gift that you would like to receive? (I have no problem if you want me to send an email to your husband 😉 )