Hula-Hoops, Body Paint and Glue, OH MY!

“Let’s go to an Art Festival today!” I said to Nathan as he pecked away on his keyboard. With just wanting to keep me happy, he agreed. We made our way down to lower Manhattan and jumped on a ferry to Governors Island.

This 2 day weekend Art Festival is called Figment. I read about Figment online and knew it was not going to be a gallery that we just walked through. Figment is all about participatory art which means that the artist creates something that the audience is directly engaged with. They need the audience in order for the art to happen. It is extremely interactive. I figured it would be something new to check out plus I have been wanting to go to Governors Island. Kill two birds with one stone.

Nathan, on the other hand, is a very technical person. I hear, “I just don’t get it” much of the time. LOL.  He can understand and appreciate fine art because he knows that it takes great skill in order to create such masterpieces. But if there is something that he thinks a 5 year old can do, he is ready to go. Since this festival doesn’t contain fine art or modern art but rather participatory art, we were thrown a curve ball. I tried my best to explain it to him but at times, I was a little lost myself.

There was music, custumes, paint, hula-hoops, drums, mini-golf, body paint, markers, glue, scissors, glitter, and sculptures everywhere. It was definitely a new experience for us.

They had a clothesline out and you were suppose to write down on a post-it note what made you happy. After the festival, they are going to collect data and analyze it. They might also be making a book with all the entries. Which one is Nate’s?

Want to paint some fingers? Well, I passed on the finger painting and instead had my fortune read. I had a few messages in my plastic container. One said “learn yourself” and then a ring that said “flirt.” Hmmm…..

There was this long white river of foam. It was pretty neat. People were running and jumping into it. Other’s just laid on their backs and watched the birds fly by. I sat it in and it was quite comfortable. 

This girl was one of the best hula-hoopers I have ever seen. She was magical.So now I ask you! What are your ideas about art? Does art have to be paint and a paint brush? Can it just be an idea? What about film and a camera? (better say yes to that one 😉 ) Do you have to be able to hold it in your hand? What does art mean to you?