Europe Trip

It has been my dream to go to Venice ever since high school. In one of my photography classes, I saw a photograph titled “Venetian Canal” (1897) by Alfred Stieglitz. I fell in love. How amazing would it be to see this place in person?! 

Well, I can check it off my bucket list! Wahooo! Nathan and I went to Italy and Germany and it was amazing. It was totally different than any other vacation we have been on before.



Our first stop was Germany.  We visited a town called Butzbach where Nathan’s grandmother and mother are from. It is such a cute town.


We then hopped on (multiple) trains from Germany and headed south. Venice, here we come!  The countryside was beautiful!


Venice, Italy

All the panoramas were taken with the iPhone 5. AMAZING! 





Next stop, Florence!




 Day Trip to Tuscany and Pisa


Had the World’s Best Gelato… literally! Gelateria Dondoli has been crowned the Gelato World Champion. I had Rosemary Raspberry and Nathan had the Mint Chocolate Chip. Delicious!

Cinque Terre

…aka the prettiest place I have ever been.



I think this was our favorite meal while in Italy. They only offer “take away” pastas. You pick your pasta and sauce then, he cooks your order in front of you. 

Ricotta and spinach ravioli with pesto. Beef ravioli with pesto.







WWII bunker


Last but not least….ROME






St. Peter’s Basilica




We had a layover in Chicago before heading back to Texas. We kept the sightseeing going!

Cloud Gate aka “The Bean” was also on my bucket list. Killed two birds with one stone!This is an iphone picture, edited in Instagram! <3


Our trip was fantastic but it does feel good to be back home. We need a vacation from our vacation!