Buying Art, Not Paper

DING! “Chinese food is here,” says Nathan as he pays the deliver man. I grab my food and head right back to my desk. Jotting down notes and shoving Orange Chicken into my mouth would be a very accurate summary of my weekend.

Creative Live was hosting a FREE 3 day online workshop about photographing bellies and babies taught by Sandy Puc. Wow, it was amazing! I was glued to my computer for three days straight. A woman who has been in the business for 25 years is teaching ME how she became successful. She shared her secrets, mistakes, successes, business plans, and personal stories that brought me and I am sure everyone who was watching to tears many times.

It is extremely important to continue to learn, especially in your craft. I think the most important thing I took away from her workshop was a reminder that I am not selling paper to clients. I am selling art. I am selling my heart and soul because that is what I put in every picture I take. My goal is to create art for you and have it stop you in your tracks. Have it consume you with emotion because it was a moment in time that you or I can never duplicate again. That is so powerful to me. Really, think about that. So remember when you are buying a painting from a painter, a vase from a potter, or a photograph from a photographer, that you are not buying a canvas, clay, or paper. You are buying that artist’s knowledge and more importantly their heart.

Sidenote* – So excited for the next Creative Live Workshop!