Back To My Roots

As a child, we would camp at Smith Point Beach on Long Island multiple times each summer.  Only living 10 minutes from the beach, I didn’t realize how spoiled I was until moving to Texas. Well last week, I went back to my roots and spent a week with my fam at the beach. It was just amazing.

As a veteran of the group, it is my responsibility to pass down my knowledge to the upcoming generation. This information involves how to make the perfect s’more and the perfect grilled cheese over an open flame, how to swim in the ocean and not get crushed by the big waves, what to do in case you are caught in a rip tide, how to catch sand crabs, and much more.  It is an important job and I take my role very seriously.

Reese was the youngest camper/beach goer of the group at 2 months old. 🙂

A little fashion shoot with my husband, Nathan. WORK IT!

My brother bought some (100) clams one night for dinner. You can eat them raw, steamed or grilled. He did it all!


It rained a few days while we were at the beach so we decided to take a trip to the Long Island Aquarium one day. The sea lions are my favorite.

We also went to the Bronx Zoo! I haven’t been there since my 3rd grade field trip! My dad was a parent chaperone and apparently we didn’t have a map because we kept on going in circles. We saw the buffalos about 100 times. It was nice to see some other animals this time.  🙂

Another stop motion film!