Rookie of the Year ~ 9 Days Old

I was welcomed into Dana and James’s house with a huge smile and hug. Dana was holding her little bundle of joy and she was glowing! Since the moment and I met Dana and James, they were just a breathe of fresh air and I know Baby Joseph is going to have a wonderful life with them as parents.

When Dana first showed me Joseph’s nursery during the maternity session, she pointed out a gift that they received. It was a little Yankee’s glove and ball. Love that! I knew I was going to use them as props once Joseph arrived. Well it is the day of the newborn shoot, and Joseph fit into that glove perfectly. Usually I don’t start with the hardest shot first but everything was already out so I went for it. Joseph slept right through it as he allowed me to mold him like clay.

Dana and James had a Chinese themed baby shower and these were some of the left over fortune cookies. They had personalized messages in each cookie. Very cute.

Did I mention Dana and James are in karate! Dana is a black belt and James has his black belt test very soon. Can you image having two parents that are black belts!? Watch out! Joseph has a shirt that says “When I grow up, I am going to be a black belt just like my mommy.”

 I had so much fun photographing this family. I wish them nothing but the best!