Mia and Big Brother Christian

I have known Megan for many years. After photographing her son, Christian, she asked me to photograph her beautiful baby girl, Mia. Mia was born a month early and weighed in at 4lbs and 3oz. TINY! She is a healthy baby who is “eating like a champ” as her mother says. 🙂

When I arrived, Mia was sleeping. We started to move her around and she soon woke up with a hungry stomach. The girl loves to eat! So, Christian and I went outside and played on the swing set.

After filling up her tummy, Mia is now ready for her first photo shoot!

 Mia was a pleasure to photograph. I think she holds the record for the most feedings during a session. We must have stopped at least 10 times. LOL! Of course, Mom and I did not mind one bit. She needs to grow big and strong  🙂