Makenna Turns 2

Do you remember this beautiful baby? This is Makenna at 2 months old. She looks like a doll. Love it! Well, Makenna is now turning 2! Wow! Time sure does fly. I could only imagine how her parents are feeling!

Mom wanted to do birthday pictures with this adorable outfit on (and her signature pearls) so we knew we would be shooting inside. Before the shoot, mom told me she has 3 large windows in the living room with hardwood floors. I wanted to shout out “BINGO!” It was a perfect set up.

I arrived at the house and Makenna was just waking up from her nap. I am not sure if she was still sleeping during our shoot but she was an angel. She did exactly what you asked of her and did not make a peep. Of course, I had to act like a fool to get those smiles out of her but it was all worth it.  Happy Birthday Makenna!!!!!