Happy Christening and Communion

Gina received a Jodi Catherine Photography Gift Certificate from her dear friend Margaret at her baby shower. Gina wanted to use the gift certificate to get some portraits of her older son’s communion and then some of her baby boy’s christening.

I showed up at Gina’s house and her youngest son (Anthony) was decked out in his christening outfit and ready for his big shoot. Well the tables turned very quickly. He soon became hungry and never really got settled after that. We later learned that he did not want to be put down. He wanted to be in his mommy’s arms. Every time, we tried to put him down, he became very upset. We tried everything. We even turned mom into a human pillow by placing a blanket over her and then placing Anthony in her camouflaged arms. It started to work however, Anthony was falling fast asleep and Gina wanted a picture with him awake. We were calling his name but it was too late. There was no way we were interrupting his precious sleeping time. Gina’s husband soon came home and Anthony perked right up. He knew his daddy’s voice and was very alert. We finally got a shot of him happy and awake!

His older brother, Richie, was very patient. While mom was feeding and changing Anthony, we were able to go outside and snap some pictures of him in his communion outfit and talk about his upcoming baseball game.