Easter Mini Sessions

Suitcase filled with eggs (plastic), blankets, ribbon, a backdrop, bubbles and camera equipment, I made my commute to Long Island. Having done this trip about a hundred times, I have it down to a science.

I time the moving steps of the escalator just right so myself and my luggage make a smooth transition to the underground world known as the Roosevelt Island F train Subway Station. I then walk along the platform to “the spot.” I wait for my hair to start blowing and then I know the train is coming. Getting on the train at this certain spot along the platform is key. When the train eventually gets to Jamaica, the doors of the train open and the stairs to exit are right in front of me. As people dash to the exit, I can relax because I know I am first in line. This probably sounds a little OCD.  A few flights of stairs, an escalator and an elevator, I am now at the ticket machine and buying my tickets for the LIRR (Long Island Rail Road). I again walk down the platform of the LIRR to a certain car of the train. I want the seat right next to the bathroom because it is the only car with an outlet. I plug in my phone, kick up my feet and practice my artist skills by playing Draw Something.

The Easter Mini Sessions were held at  Free to Fly, Inc and went very well. The kids were very excited to meet Eddie. They also enjoyed the large space to run around after their session. I set up on a spring floor which gymnast use to tumble. It was fun to watch people first step on to the floor because they were not expecting to have an extra pep in their step. Check out the classes that Free to Fly, Inc has to offer. They have classes for all ages.

Meet Carter! He was a ham! His mommy and I went to HS together and I have not seen her in years. We reconnected through Facebook and I am glad I got to meet her new family and catch up. Isn’t he a cutie pie?!

Tyler LOVED Eddie! He was very upset when he had to say goodbye to him.  🙁  Perhaps a pet bunny is in his future…

Sweet Baby {E} is about 2 months old. She is starting to pick up her head and smile. It was such an honor to photograph her again.

The {B} Family was next. They have 5 kids. I photographed the youngest when he was only a few weeks old. I can’t believe how big he got.

The {C} Family – Sarah, the oldest daughter takes classes at Free to Fly, Inc. She really enjoys being taught by Mr. Joe.

This is Jake and Eddie is his bunny. Jake was a huge help caring for Eddie and playing with the other kids. Thank you Jake!

 Last but not least,  the {S} Sisters. They came decked out in their finest Easter dresses and bows.

Thanks again for a wonderful Easter Mini Session!