A Day in the Life of Charlotte

Charlotte’s mom, Desiree, and I joke that I am the family photographer. I have had many sessions with Desiree and her daughters. I also shot her nieces’s (Ava’s) baptism and have done  Ava’s 1 year old pictures. Even though I am moving, I told Desiree that I would love to continue shooting her gorgeous family on my visits back to NY. It’s nothing an airplane can’t fix!  🙂

The latest session I had was with her oldest daughter Charlotte on Roosevelt Island. Charlotte has lots of energy and is a very determined little girl. She loves to play tag and ride her scooter.

Her baby sister and mom joined in on a few pictures. 

We even had a tea party! Charlotte brought along her favorite friend, Mumble.

Doesn’t Charlotte have the most gorgeous hair!

Ah! Love this picture!